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Indoor Plants for Businesses: Renting vs. Owning Your Oasis

June 13, 2023 5 min read

Indoor Plants for Businesses: Renting vs. Owning Your Oasis

Incorporating indoor plants in corporate and hospitality spaces has been shown to boost employee wellbeing, productivity, air quality, and the overall comfort and welcoming atmosphere of the premises. If you're looking to create a healthy and vibrant work environment (who isn't!?), then plants are a must-have.

Renting indoor plants may seem easy, but owning plants unlocks a world of advantages you shouldn't overlook.

Discover the perks of plant ownership and decide whether it's time for your business to reject rentals in favour of owning your own oasis.


Although purchasing plants may require a higher upfront investment, it is almost always more cost-effective in the long run.

When you rent plants, you'll have to pay a recurring fee, which very quickly adds up over time. You will often pay for your plants several times over during the lifespan of a rental contract. In contrast, purchasing plants only requires a one-time cost - the price you pay, is the price you pay.

It’s not always the case that purchasing is more expensive in the first place. With consultation charges, minimum commitment levels and installation fees, you can often find yourself making a far bigger initial outlay than you might have anticipated.

More control over care and maintenance

When you own plants, you have complete control over the maintenance process. You can personally choose the maintenance team, or if you possess the necessary knowledge and resources (refer to our Horty Hints and Care Guides for all the info you could ever need), you can take care of them yourself. However, when renting plants, the responsibility of maintenance usually falls on the rental company, leaving you with no control over the quality, timeliness, or cost effectiveness of the care provided.

Renting plants may seem like a convenient escape from plant care, but here's the truth: it's unbelievably quick and easy! Anyone could do it. Use a moisture meter or check the dial on HydroCare plants for effortless and accurate watering and trim the occasional unsightly leaf. That's about it. Plant care made simple – no stress, all success.

There's often someone within the business who genuinely enjoys tending to plants who would be thrilled to take charge of keeping your collection in impeccable condition. In many cases, this person may already sneakily care for your plants when nobody's watching, making it redundant to pay additional fees to maintenance contactors to confirm the watering routine is being stuck to.

Benefits of ownership from employees

When teams take part in the care and maintenance of plants within their work environment, a sense of pride and ownership takes root (pun intended).

As the plants thrive, so does the connection to curating a healthier and livelier workspace. It's a compnay culture boost that's been shown to strengthen the connection and commitment to a business.

We have also observed several businesses running with this concept even further by providing gift vouchers or budgets for employees to choose plants for their own workspaces. Whether working remotely, in a traditional office, or a space open to the public, this kind of initiative fuels a very real sense of ownership and belonging in the workplace.

Customisation to reflect brand and personality

Embracing plant ownership grants you the freedom to showcase your brand and personality through completely customised arrangements of plants and pots tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Unlike rental services that typically offer a limited number of predetermined designs, owning plants allows you to break free from those constraints. Rental services may even charge extra fees for customisation options.

By owning plants, you can unleash your creativity and explore unique groupings, captivating arrangements, and distinctive displays that surpass the standard offerings of rental services.

This level of customisation and personalisation adds a touch of individuality to your workspace, elevating its aesthetic appeal and creating a truly bespoke environment that reflects your unique style and brand identity.

Ability to rearrange or relocate plants as needed

When you own plants, you can easily move them around your workspace as needed. This can be beneficial for businesses that have changing needs, such as for seasonal events or reorganisation of the workspace.

You can also move plants to areas where they may be needed for aesthetic or functional reasons, without having to worry about any clauses within rental agreements, restrictions or relocation fees.

If you decide to alter the layout or design of your workspace or relocate your business to a new location, there's no need to coordinate with a rental company. Simply move your plants as needed, without any hassle or complications.

Flexible to the needs of the business

Renting plants often entails signing lengthy contracts that span multiple years. In the event that your business needs shift and you no longer require the rented plants, you might find yourself obligated to pay for the remaining months of the contract. This can result in a wasteful expenditure of both money and resources.

However, when you own plants, you are free from the burden of continuing to pay for something that is no longer in use.

Less coordination and correspondance

Coordination takes time. Whether it’s an initial consultation, agreeing on terms, coordinating maintenance, highlighting problems, arranging for replacements, organising relocation or agreeing to terms at the end of a contract; it can be inconvenient and time-consuming to organise rentals.

When you choose to buy, the coordination required is minimal. You simply select, make the payment and receive the delivery. This streamlined process significantly reduces the time and effort spent on exchanging emails and phone calls with service providers. As a result, you and your colleagues can dedicate more time and focus to effectively running your business.

Consistent quality

Take control of plant perfection! When you own your plants, maintaining top-notch quality becomes a breeze. Rental plants, on the other hand, can bring unpredictable variations in appearance and health with each renewal.

Ownership gives you the power to tackle any deteriorating plants. You have the flexibility to choose whether to revive them or replace them entirely.

With rentals, making changes often requires waiting for the rental company's approval, leading to delays and disruptions to your workflow. But, when you own the plants, you can swiftly refresh your oasis, ensuring the freshness and vibrancy of your workspace without unnecessary waiting. Keep your workspace fresh, vibrant, and buzzing with productivity at all times.

Investment in long-term assets

Plant power forever! When you own plants, they become a permanent fixture within your workspace, allowing you to enjoy their benefits for as long as you desire. With rented plants, the provider may require their return once the rental contract expires, resulting in the loss of the greenery you've grown to rely on.

Owning plants provides you with a tangible asset that you have full control over. When the time comes for a change or if you need to allocate funds elsewhere in the business (such as for a fresh plant fund!), you have the option to recoup a portion or even the entire initial investment by selling them.

With proper care, plants typically retain or even increase in value as they mature into impressive, well-established specimens. It's time to invest in evergreen assets!

Gone are the days of exclusive botanical treasures locked away by specialist plant businesses. We're here to make HydroCare, large and tall plants, and designer planters available to all.

Too many businesses simply don't realise they can access these amazing products directly, but we're here to change that.

Take charge of your workspace and leave a lasting impression with Hortology's top-quality indoor plants and awe-inspiring planters and transform your work environment into a lush and leafy oasis.