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November 11, 2021 4 min read

If you are like us at Hortology, you understand that finding the perfect location for houseplants isn't as straightforward as putting it down and that’s it done. Some of us in smaller spaces cannot afford to give up precious square footage for big beautiful floor planters, instead resorting to inventive ways of displaying our plants using shelves, or the tops of units, wardrobes and doorframes.

Larger and grander interiors might have spaces that are daunting and difficult to dress. In these situations, statement pieces or installation-like groupings, mixed with furniture and other props, create the desired impact.

If you are thinking of changing things up, look for inspiration and start off small. There are loads of different options out there, some of which we bet you are already doing.

Small Space Shelving

Whether this is actually a shelf on the wall, a wide doorframe, or a piece of furniture used as a shelf, not so obvious areas can provide some of the best houseplant homes for places with no space.

Growing up rather than out and making the most of what we’ve got to deliver impact through careful arrangement is the way forward. Smaller pots mean more variety, making smaller spaces more unique in styling opportunities. Our Small Indoor Plant Pots range — which includes: little pots, hanging pots, baskets and bowls — are ideal for these locations. Don’t be afraid to experiment with what space you have. Try sitting a pot on top of the wardrobe, and see where it takes you. Key points to remember:

  • Staggered height! - Create an uneven balance using different height levels throughout your home. It might look a little flat if everything is at the same level.
  • Is the weight OK? - Can the area you are styling hold the weight of a pot, plant and soil? Remember: it will be heavier when it is watered!
  • Is it practical? - Having trailing plants above a doorway may look good, until it starts getting in the way. Think about the end use of the area and the space that the mature size of the plant will take up.
Terracotta Plant Pots

Expansive Walling

Expansive walling can be a difficult space to style. Too much pattern and colour, or accessories not being to scale can leave them feeling unbalanced or overbearing. Left unchallenged walls can be reduced to an easy option of neutral wallpaper or paint. If you are like us however, you will see the opportunity to create a living masterpiece.

Under the influence of current look books and image banks, we are seeing increasing numbers of homes and spaces creating impressive living walls of greenery from grids of plant pots, wall pockets, racking and bespoke planters. However, as amazing as it would be to own, reality can be painful and reminds us this isn't always achievable in the current working home. Don’t let this put you off though. With our Indoor Hanging Plant Pots range, you can create a more manageable version of that inspirational image you screen-shotted that time. Our three key points to remember are:

macrame plant pot hangers
  • Use odd numbers! — When displaying or accessorising, odds always look better than evens.
  • Create a repeating pattern! — Random placement sounds good in theory, but is hard to achieve. Sticking to a repeating pattern will make things easier on the eye.
  • Try to be symmetric! — Sticking to a system of equal sides will prevent the space from becoming unbalanced.

Big Open Areas

Big open areas are best dressed in clusters or small installations. Single pieces, unless they are huge, will often look lost, making that space feel indifferent and pointless. This is the perfect opportunity to go a bit wild, investing in a collection of pots across a range of sizes and materials from our Large Indoor Plant Pots range. Don’t stop there, look for inspiration and consider the use of furniture and other materials such as stools, ladders, tables, buckets, boxes and benches. Creating an area from a mixture of products means you can tailor it to your style, giving the end look a lived-in feel, and making it a useable space rather than display-only. With all the choice it can be easy to get distracted. Our key 3 points to remember are:

  • Create a theme — Sticking to a family of colours or a colour scheme means your containers will complement each other. Remember to add in white to keep it fresh.
  • Create tiered levels — Use a range of different heights in the display. Try sitting pots on tables or pot stands. Use different types of plants to gain height and interest.
  • Use different materials — Mixing the materials of the pots and containers will create interest, or alternatively stick to the same material for a contemporary, repeating look.
Opus Large Indoor Plant Pots

Whatever your space, there is a houseplant waiting for it. Be inventive, trying different ideas and locations, and when all is said and done, have fun.