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November 04, 2022 3 min read

If you are like us, you will agree when we say pets and plants go hand in hand when creating the perfect home, but unfortunately, they don’t always get on. Whether a plant in a pot gets knocked off a high shelf or table, courtesy of the cat, or your favourite dracaena looks somewhat like a nice stick to your four-legged best friend, accidents can happen. Friend or foe, pets and plants can live harmoniously, and finding that careful balance between decor and danger is made easier with our pet safe houseplant collection.

Pachira aquatica - Money Tree

Also known as the Money Tree, it is believed that these plants bring prosperity and good fortune to the household, with the braided stems said to lock in all of that good fortune! However, this central trunk might look a little too much like an inviting chew toy so raising these plants from the floor through the use of a table or shelving will help to deter your pet pals.

Pachira aquatica in Jenga pot
Trailing Jade houseplant in Jorrit Plant Pot

Peperomia rotundifolia - Trailing Jade Plant

A cute, compact addition to the pet safe collection, the Trailing Jade has small, round leaves with stems that trail gentle outwards as it grows. It will thrive under low or florescent lighting, making them the perfect plant addition to an office or basement flat. As it is classed as a trailing variety, if the stems start to grow a little too long, trimming them down will help to stop them being pulled off surfaces and tabletops.

Chlorophytum Bonnie - Curly Spider Plant

A quintessential classic, this versatile houseplant is great on worktops and in hanging displays. Easy care, air purifying and happy to be left to its own devices, the Curly Spider Plant will thrive is most household locations and is perfect for sprucing up those awkward spaces such as small shelves and the top of cupboards. This variety is quite fast growing and sends out shoots with plantlets attached which can be propagated to create your very own homegrown plant family. However, these shoots can grow quite long so cutting these off will stop the plant getting pulled and tugged at.

Chlorophytum Bonnie - Curly Spider Plant

Howea forsteriana - Kentia Palm

The perfect indoor palm, the Kentia is a stunning statement piece with its long stems and thin, angular leaves. Favoured for its exotic looks and trouble-free care regime, these palms are the perfect choice for breathing a new lease of life into your interior. Trimming away older, dying stems as low to soil level as possible will stop them drooping down meaning you’ll avoid the risk of them being tugged and dislodged by man’s best friend.

Aspidistra - Cast Iron Plant

An elegant foliage plant with beautifully long stems and dark green, leathery leaves, Aspidistras are ideal for adding a little extra life to those shady corners. These plants do leave a lot of space at soil level so use natural deterrents such as garlic powder or cover with decorative stones to prevent your four-legged friends from having a little dig.

Aspidistra Houseplant

Houseplants are essential in making a house a home, and we believe you can have both plants and pets without making too many compromises. The ASPCA website has an expansive list of harmful and friendly houseplants if you are unsure on any that you may have.