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February 22, 2024 2 min read

Mother's Day Must Have Houseplants

Celebrate Mother's Day with a gift that’s distinctive, meaningful, and aesthetically pleasing, while also offering a plethora of health and wellness benefits. Choose a gift that speaks volumes about your admiration, care, and thoughtfulness - houseplants!

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

The peace lily is a classic houseplant that's sure to bring a smile to your mum's face. With its glossy green leaves and white flowers, it's both beautiful and easy to care for. It does well in low to medium light and doesn't need to be watered frequently. Plus, it's an air-purifying powerhouse that'll keep your mum's home fresh and clean.

Check out Spathiphyllum Bellini for a petite variety that's great for gifting.


Anthurium - Flamingo Flowers

Anthuriums, known for their heart-shaped blooms and impressive longevity, are ideal gifts for Mother's Day. These exotic houseplants symbolise maternal love and care, offering a lasting reminder of appreciation. Unlike conventional cut flowers, Anthuriums feature an extended blooming period of months, ensuring that your heartfelt gesture continues long after your Sunday celebrations. Resilient and easy to care for, Anthuriums flourish indoors, making them a meaningful and lasting expression of love and gratitude.

Check out Anthurium - Flamingo Flower - Joli Peach for a blushed pink bloom that's soft and perfect for the season.



Looking for a Mother's Day gift that's as vibrant as she is? Look no further than a stunning Calathea. With strikingly variegated foliage, Calatheas bring beauty and tranquility to any space, making them the perfect way to show Moum just how much you appreciate her.

Check out Calathea roseopicta Medallion for a classically beautiful variegation that really shows off its colour and pattern.


String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii)

The String of Hearts is a delicate and charming plant that's perfect for mums who appreciate unique and unconventional gifts. Its trailing vines are covered in tiny heart-shaped leaves, making it an ideal way to show your love. This plant does well in bright, indirect light and doesn't require frequent watering, making it a low-maintenance addition to any home.


Philodendron Pink Princess

A stunning houseplant with its striking pink variegation that will add a touch of glamour to any space. It is a low-maintenance plant that can tolerate low to bright indirect light, making it a versatile addition to your mum's collection. It's an excellent choice for mums who love a little bit of edge and want to make a statement with their houseplants.


Houseplants are so incredibly diverse, the above list is just to get you started. Explore all our houseplants to find something to suit your mum's unique sense of style. And let's not forget about the plant pots! With hundreds to choose from, you're bound to find the perfect match for your mum this Mother's Day.

This Mother's Day, show your appreciation for all the love and care your mum has given you by giving her the gift of greenery.