Bedroom Plant Benefits

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Bedroom Plant Benefits

It was once common folklore that houseplants shouldn’t be kept in the bedroom in fear that they will use up all the oxygen in the room as you sleep. Good news though, studies have shown that while some houseplants do use oxygen at night, it is in such minute volumes that there is no real concern, in fact, there are actually many benefits to keeping houseplants in the bedroom.

Our Houseplant bedroom benefits are great myth busters, helping you leave the Triffids and Audrey 2 in the movies where they belong.

Increased Humidity

Houseplants naturally release moisture into the atmosphere as they perspire, helping to raise humidity levels. Higher humidity is great for preventing congestion and stopping the drying of the throat and skin.

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Bedroom Houseplants Lifestyle

Cleaning the Air

NASA performed a study on houseplants and their air-purifying qualities and found that some houseplants actually remove harmful toxins, such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene and ammonia out of the air, making it cleaner and greener for us to breathe.

Healthier State of Mind

Some studies have found that houseplants release negative ions into the air. This microscopic particle triggers the release of serotonin when it is absorbed into the body, relieving stress and anxiety.

Bedroom Houseplants Lifestyle
Bedroom Houseplants Lifestyle

Setting the Mood

The addition of houseplants into the bedroom helps decorate the environment, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This promotes a deeper sleep, increasing productivity and general wellbeing.


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Whether you are wanting to increase that all important quality of sleep, or just decorate the bedroom with some fresh foliage, our collection of bedroom houseplants is suitable for all sleep spaces, large or small.