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October 21, 2023 2 min read

6 Ways To Give Your Home A Seasonal Update With The Power Of Plants

Red and Orange Indoor Plants

The Croton plant’s brightly coloured red, pink, yellow and orange leaves fit the autumnal aesthetic perfectly. Note that Croton needs plenty of bright light so move it to a sunny spot for the autumn months. The same goes for Alocasia & Calathea that also offer colourful variegated foliage but need a sunny spot.

The warmth of reds, pinks and purples are also not to be missed in Autumn. Whether you go all out with plants like Peperomia caperata Red Luna or subtle nods like the Red Edged Dracaena marginata, adding reds to your indoor plant collection brings warmth and vibrancy throughout the season.


Croton Indoor Plant

Prince Of Orange Philodendron

Purify Your Air

With windows and doors shut for longer periods, ensure the quality of the air in your home stays up to scratch with air purifying houseplants.

Pair purifying power with the interesting shades and textures of philodendron. Philodendron Prince of Orange which screams autumn woodland and is a great air purifier to boot!


Play With Patterns

While you’re fishing your herringbone knits and tartan blankets out from summer storage, consider coordinating patterns and textures in the variegation of indoor plants.

Pattern and texture has just as important a role as colour in creating visual interest in your home. While fabrics are trending to bold prints, do the same with Indoor Plants.


Herringbone Plant - Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura

Noud Copper Plant Pot

Glimmer and Glow

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with light reflecting metallic plant pots. Gold, bronze and copper hues will reflect light’s glow to create a cosy ambience even in dark corners of the room.


Earthy and Autumnal

Autumnal colour palettes of terracotta, burnt orange, deep red, ochre, camel and cayenne offset greenery and create a warm and cosy feeling  that's especially welcomed in living rooms as the nights draw in.

Choose pots that have autumnal colourways and mix finishes and textures that are reflective of those found in nature for a natural and earthy feel indoors.


Lindy Plant Pot Ochre

Areca Palm

Let Nature In

Don’t underestimate the power of plants when it comes to providing a much-needed pick-me-up on darker days.

Explore our huge range of Easy Care Plants for a plant companion you can rely on to brighten your mood throughout the winter months.