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The Hydroculture Advantage

Moisture Levels
Hydroculture: Hydrogranules create optimum moisture levels around the roots of the plant by gently drawing water up from the reservoir through capillary action. We only use the highest quality RHP certified hydrogranules for horticulture made from purified and homogenised baked clay.
Soil: Moisture levels are gauged (guessed at) by looking at the plant condition, feeling the soil or using a moisture probe for spot readings around the plant.
Hydroculture: A water meter is supplied to indicate the amount of water left in the reservoir. When it reaches the minimum level simply top it back up to the optimum level. The plant will pull water from the hydrogranules according to it's needs so there is no risk of over or under watering. Watering is less frequent, typically every 4 weeks.
Soil: Watering requirements are judged by looking at the plant condition and feeling the soil. Overwatering is the most common cause of plant failure as roots rot whilst sitting in excess water that cannot drain away.
Root Health:
Hydroculture: The open structure of our pH neutral hydrogranules allows air to circulate around the roots keeping them healthy. Hydrogranules do not compact over time so there is no need to top up the planter. Hydroculture plants are adapted to these conditions and develop a smaller more fleshy root system making the plant more hardy and suitable for a wider range of planter styles. The requirement to repot as the plant grows is also significantly reduced.
Soil: Acidification of the soil and suffocation of the plant roots can occur as the soil compacts over time resulting in plant failure. Soil will need topping up in the planter as it compacts. The need for repotting or swapping out the plant will be more frequent as the roots grow or the plant fails due to poor root aeration.
Pest Control:
Hydroculture: Hydrogranules are an inert medium that is less susceptible to pests, fungi and bacteria which means healthier plants with less risk of disease. Because hydrogranules are the carrier for water and nutrients feeding is optimised by adding a small amount of liquid feed to the water when topping up the reservoir.
Soil: Soil is a live substrate. Good quality indoor potting soils will be sterilised to reduce bacterial growth however there is greater potential for harmful organisms to populate and thrive in a soil environment and an increased risk of plant failure.