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Size Guide For Plant Displays

Size Guide For Plant Displays


How do we measure our plant displays?

Plant display sizes are shown as the pot diameter x the total height of the display.

This means the diameter of the plant pot at its widest point x an indication of the total height of the display, from the base of the planter to the tallest point of the foliage.

Plant Pot Diameter

This is a measurement of the diameter of the pot at its widest point.

This gives a good indication of the minimum amount of space your plant display will need. Note; it is not the spread of the foliage, which can exceed the pot diameter, so we recommend giving the display some extra space around the plant.

Total Height

This is the approximate overall height of the plant display, from the base of the planter to the top of the plant.

Each plant grows at its own pace so we provide a typical range of heights as a guide. Since plant heights can vary by ±10% and our planters are handmade with a bespoke assembly process, the plant display heights shown are approximate and should be used as a guide rather than an exact measurement.

These natural variations in the height of plant displays are to be expected and are not considered defects. Height differences within ±10% will not be accepted as reason for cancellation or return of Made to Order plant displays.