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September 09, 2023 3 min read

Accessorise Your Scandinavian Style Interiors With Plants & Planters

Step into a space where minimalism meets lush greenery, where clean lines intertwine with the beauty of nature – welcome to the captivating realm of Scandinavian interior design style.

Explore how the simple elegance of Scandinavian décor seamlessly merges with the vibrant charm of houseplants and plant pots, creating a harmonious blend that breathes life and serenity into your living spaces.


Making minimalism look effortlessly cool is all about a few well-placed showstoppers. Avoid clutter with a few floor-standing specimens in key locations.

Natural Aesthetic: Scandinavian design draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the Nordic landscapes. Large plants, such as tall trees or indoor palms, bring a sense of nature indoors. They add an organic, earthy element to the space, which aligns with the Scandinavian design philosophy of bringing the outdoors in.

Balance and Proportion: Scandinavian design emphasises balance and proportion in its aesthetics. Large and tall plants can help balance out the clean lines and minimalistic furniture commonly found in Scandinavian interiors. They provide a sense of verticality and scale that complements the design's simplicity.


Scandi colour schemes often consist of simple, light, neutral tones that make rooms feel bright and airy and make the most of natural daylight. Accessorising with neutral plant pots enhances the sophisticated look and feel without detracting from your plants.

Natural Materials: Intrinsic to the essence of Scandinavian interior design, natural materials like wood, stone and natural fibres amplify the design's connection to the environment and offer a hygge/cosy feel.

Neutral Colours: Understated vessels in earthy hues seamlessly blend with the surroundings, infusing a touch of nature that perfectly compliments indoor plants, without detracting or stealing focus from them.


One key element that embodies the Scandi design philosophy is the presence of greenery. In Scandinavian interiors, the inclusion of houseplants goes beyond mere decoration; it's a transformative element that bridges the gap between the sterile indoor environment and the refreshing outdoors.

Houseplants are not just potted ornaments in Scandinavian homes; they are living, breathing components of the interior design. These plants are thoughtfully incorporated to infuse living spaces with an enchanting touch of nature's serenity.

Scandinavian design principles emphasise simplicity, functionality, and a deep connection with nature. In the midst of long winters and often gloomy weather, Scandinavians have mastered the art of bringing the outdoors in, using greenery as a means to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.
This approach not only adds aesthetic appeal but also offers a range of physical and psychological benefits.

One of the primary reasons for the widespread use of houseplants in Scandinavian interiors is their ability to purify the air. In a region where people spend a significant amount of time indoors during the colder months (much like our own), air purifying plants help to keep the home comfortable and inviting.

The clean lines and minimalistic colour palettes typical of Scandinavian interiors provide a perfect backdrop for showcasing the beauty of plants. Whether placed in a simple ceramic pot on a windowsill or suspended in a modern hanging planter, houseplants become focal points that add character and vitality to a room.

The incorporation of houseplants into Scandinavian style interiors is not a superficial trend but a fundamental aspect of the design ethos.