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August 12, 2021 2 min read

Hot Off The Press:
Our 3 Hottest Hanging Plant & Pot Looks This Summer.


Golden Pothos, Hans Hanging Plant Pot

With their gorgeous cascading foliage and vibrant colour, the Golden Pothos is the ideal houseplant for elevating your home. This variety works best as a hanging plant, perfect for those of us who are desperate to add that much needed green touch without needing to find additional floor space.

A combination we are absolutely loving at the moment is the Golden Pothos and Hans Hanging Plant Pot. The light grey, stone textured finish of the Hans Hanging Plant Pot, beautifully compliments the yellow colouring of the Golden Pothos to create the ultimate stylish and charming combo.

Hans Hanging Plant Pot & Golden Pothos


Ocean Spider Plant, Macrame Hanger, Bolino Plant Pot

Why not keep it classic this August with our Macrame Hanger? Made from natural jute beautifully braided together with wooden beads, the Macrame Hanger effortlessly adds a delightful and understated charm and is perfect for displaying your gorgeous plant babies and decorative pots.

Pair the Macrame Hanger with the Chlorophytum Ocean – Spider Plant and Bolino Green Plant Pot for a combination that is bringing all the boho chic vibes you could ask for this summer!

Chlorophytum Ocean Spider Plant - Bolino Plant Pot


String Of Hearts, Dot Hanging Plant Pot

The String of Hearts is the perfect little addition to your plant family. With its delicate heart-shaped leaves and elegantly hanging stems, this houseplant is an absolute delight and is ideal for brightening up even the smallest of spaces.

Storing water in its leaves and stems, the String of Hearts can be drought tolerant, perfect if you are finally getting away for that much needed holiday and are looking for a plant that won’t mind hanging out at home alone. Pair the String of Hearts with our Dot Hanging Plant Pot for the cutest duo imaginable.

String Of Hearts - Dot Hanging Plant Pot