Senne Plant Pot - Blue

Size Guide
SIZE: External Diameter x Height
9cm opening
12cm opening
13cm opening
15cm opening
Size Check: 9cm opening for plants

Senne Plant Pot - Blue

The unique handcrafted cylindrical shape of the Senne plant pot is complimented by a deep blue glaze with interwoven strands of bronze for a luxurious feel. Perfect for a blue on green look with the complimentary hues of a bluestar or staghornhorn fern or perhaps a crassula succulent.

Please note: There may be a colour variation between pots/sizes, so colour matching is not always possible. The various images show how the colours may look.

Material: Ceramic.

Usage: Indoor use only. No drainage hole. These plant pots are not guaranteed 100% watertight, therefore the use of a liner is recommended.

Features: Handmade - every one is unique; glazed.