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Pond Liner - 500mu Heavy Duty PVC Sheeting

SIZE: Length x Width

Pond Liner - 500mu Heavy Duty PVC Sheeting

Our premium pond liner is durable and highly conformable, for use in larger trough planters, bowls and tall planters, where a flush fitting waterproof barrier is required.

Simply shape the liner to the internal walls of the planter to create a durable waterproof barrier before planting. Adding an internal liner gives you the peace of mind that your decorative planters will remain pristine and protected from water stains and nutrient deposits and that floors and furnishings will be protected from leaks.

In taller planters, a liner barrier allows for the potting medium to be contained to an appropriate depth for the plant, without needing to fill the entire vessel. This ensures the root system is surrounded by optimum moisture content rather than it draining to the bottom beyond the roots.

Suitable for both soil and hydroculture planting. The liner is made from high-quality, heavy-duty PVC, compliant with EU/UK REACH health and environmental standards.

Please note sizes are approximate, please allow up to 5cm tolerance. If you need a specific size, please contact us.