Plant Ultra Plus - Organic Growth Enhancer


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Plant Ultra Plus - Organic Growth Enhancer

For ultimate plant performance! Plant Ultra Plus is designed to improve the health and performance of potted plants, particularly those in less than ideal conditions.

Features: Plant Ultra Plus is a blend of organic plant extracts and growth enhancers. It contains concentrated and purified plant extracts, rich in humic and fulvic acid. It will enhance plant growth in the short term and soil health and fertility in the long term.

Usage: To dilute, mix 5ml (one teaspoon) Plant Ultra Plus per litre of clean water. Water around roots on a weekly basis during the growing season and monthly throughout winter. For best results, add to Houseplant Focus - Plant Nutrition at 5ml per litre and apply together.

Please note: Plant Ultra Plus is NOT a fertiliser - it should be used in conjunction with a good quality nutrient solution such as Houseplant Focus.


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