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Orchid Focus Grow - Plant Nutrition


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Orchid Focus Grow - Plant Nutrition

Orchid Focus Grow is no ordinary plant food. This premium quality, balanced liquid concentrated fertiliser contains a precise formulation specifically developed for orchids, with all the essential nutrients needed for vigorous growth.

Features: Orchid Focus features high levels of nitrogen, derived from nitrates, to stimulate healthy, abundant growth. It is enriched with pure extracts of seaweed and concentrated complex organic plant acids such as humic and fulvic acid to increase the fertility of the potting medium.

Usage: To dilute, mix 5ml (one teaspoon) Orchid Focus per 2 litres ( 20 ml per 2 litres for Cymbidium orchids) of tepid water, ideally soft water or rainwater. Apply with every other watering. Additionally, Orchid Focus can be sprayed or misted over plant foliage to increase humidity.