Livin' Beauty Plant Vase - Silver Carved Waves

Size Guide
SIZE: External Diameter x Height
20cm opening
Size Check: 20cm opening for plants

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Livin' Beauty Plant Vase - Silver Carved Waves

The carved Livin' Beauty Plant Vases are exquisite examples of unique craftsmanship at its best. The wave pattern is hand carved, before the multiple layers of glaze, containing real silver, are applied. At high temperatures in the oven, the glaze melts over the ceramic. The glaze is then allowed to oxidise in the reduction chamber, which creates a unique and beautiful signature piece.

Material: Ceramic with a precious metal glaze.

Usage: Indoor use only. No drainage hole. The use of a liner is recommended as these pots are not 100% waterproof. To create the glaze effects, the ceramics are removed from the oven at around 1000 degrees Celsius. The rapid cooling process causes tiny hair-line cracks to form inside the glaze, which are invisible to the naked eye.

Features: Handmade; hand polished to a very smooth surface; hand-engraved; double wall feature adds an extra dimension in sophistication, with beautiful edges and a perfect finish on the top parts and inside as well.

Engelbert - A Modern Day Dutch Master

In a small Dutch village, near the Belgian border, a young man called Engelbert is following his passion for pottery. In his small atelier he creates unique ceramics with precious metals that have even caught the eye of the Dutch royal family. He uses rare, historical production methods; part science, part art and part alchemy...