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Kensington Indoor Traditional Watering Can 2L - Copper

Kensington Indoor Traditional Watering Can 2L - Copper

Elevate your interiors with this exquisite watering can designed to captivate. Crafted with a traditional yet elegant silhouette, featuring a charming sprinkler rosette and a gracefully curved circular handle, all luxuriously finished in a timeless brushed brass finish. Embrace both style and functionality as you nourish your beloved houseplants, effortlessly merging design with practicality in your home sanctuary.

Please note: the welded metal features natural tarnishes at the seams as part of the design. Discolouration is beneath a glaze and does not affect the operation of the watering can. Empty between uses and store on surfaces which will not be tarnished by residual or condensing moisture.

Features: Large opening makes for easy filling; sprinkler rosette for even watering across soil surface.

Material: Metal.

Usage: Indoor use.

Size: Approx. 2L capacity.