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Hydroculture Liquid Nutrients 2.0


Hydroculture Liquid Nutrients 2.0 - Plant Care

A fully balanced hydroculture feed, specifically designed for hydroculture plants. High quality and high concentrations of both essential macro and micro nutrients, in compound formulations to make them readily available for uptake by hydroculture plants without the need for the development of organic microbial communities required by soil fertilisers.


Macronutrients % / litre Benefit
Nitrogen Total 6.4 Strong lush green growth
NO3- 4.2
NH4+ 2.2
Phosphorous P2O5 2.3 Blooming & flowering
Potassium K2O 6.5 Photosynthesis & water uptake

Micronutrients ‰ / litre Benefit
Iron Fe (DPTA) 1.100 Chlorophyll production & enzyme function
Manganese Mn (EDTA) 0.620 Chlorophyll production & photosynthesis
Zinc Zn (EDTA) 0.230 Growth hormone production & stem elongation
Borate Bo 0.180 Healthy plant growth & cell structures
Copper Cu (EDTA) 0.020 Chlorophyll production & enzyme activation
Molybdenum Mo 0.023 Assists nitrogen & phosphorous conversion for plant uptake

Usage: Dilute 25 - 30 ml per 10 litres of water.