HydroBurst - Plant Care


HydroBurst - Plant Care

Perfect for easy re-wetting of dry peat and soils, HydroBurst also reduces drought stress by minimising the possibility of drying out. It is a non-ionic horticultural surfactant (wetting agent) formulated to enhance the lateral movement of liquids in peat, soil and other growing media.

Put simply, HydroBurst helps water to penetrate the soil and spread freely, making it easy for plants to grow.

Features: HydroBurst gives better watering with less wasted water. It lowers the surface tension of a liquid thus helping the water to spread through a larger volume. Adding HydroBurst to water, with or without fertiliser: gives excellent initial wetting of soil, peat and other substrates; helps maximise uptake of water, with increased penetration and lateral movement; encourages improved rooting; maximizes nutrient input as roots produce more ‘hairs’; reduces risk of drought stress and uses less water.

Usage: Add 5ml of HydroBurst per litre of water or fertiliser solution for thorough re-wetting of growing media.