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Fibrestone Black Planter Maintenance Oil


Fibrestone Black Planter Maintenance Oil

Maintenance oil is designed to safeguard and enhance the black finish of pots and planters within the natural collection, while simultaneously shielding them from discolouration caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Application area: Maintenance oil may be used on Fibrestone indoor and outdoor pottery. This maintenance oil is only suitable for Fibrestone Black coloured planters, primarily those in the natural collection. Designed to preserve and enhance the dark surface colour. Always test on a small corner before using the oil on the product.

Application process: Maintenance oil should be carefully polished into the Fibrestone using a cotton cloth. Continue polishing for several minutes until the Fibrestone appears saturated and the surface looks uniform. The product should not appear wet and there should not be any excess oil left on the surface after polishing.

Area application: Estimated coverage 5-10m2 depending on the environment and existing saturation of the surface.

Result: Your Fibrestone product will renew its finish, darkening the natural stone grain and overall colour.

After Care: To keep the dark colour of your product, it is recommended to repeat this treatment 3-4 times per year.

Please note: Fibrestone Black Maintenance Oil is designed for Natural Collection Black Fibrestone planters only.