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Caro Metal Plant Pots - Set of 6 - Copper Green

Caro Metal Plant Pots - Set of 6 - Copper Green

Rivulets of golden copper cascade down classic cylindrical shapes, softened by a matt green wash patina. A set of 6 variously sized metal planters with internal liners, that create a luxurious dimension for shelf to floor standing greenery.

Material: Metal.

Usage: Indoor use only. No drainage hole. Not guaranteed 100% watertight, liners included to create a waterproof barrier and to protect the metal against rusting.

Features: Set of 6 golden copper planters with matt green wash; liners included.

13cm outer diameter x height 13cm - opening 12cm
15cm outer diameter x height 16cm - opening 14cm
18cm outer diameter x height 17cm - opening 17cm
21cm outer diameter x height 21cm - opening 20cm
24cm outer diameter x height 24cm - opening 23cm
28cm outer diameter x height 27cm - opening 27cm