Hydroculture v Soil - What's The Difference?

Traditionally, planters in commercial spaces have used indoor potting soil as the planting medium of choice. Replicating the conditions a plant experiences in its natural habitat made sense. However, as planting techniques have evolved, modern substrates have been developed to provide a far more suitable planting medium for interior greenery, ensuring plants thrive in optimum conditions as well as simplifying maintenance requirements.

At Hortology all our planters use hydrogranules as the planting medium. These clever little granules are manufactured from baked and expanded clay pellets that have their origins in the construction industry where they were first used to add a lightweight insulation layer to walls. The benefits of hydroculture planting techniques using hydrogranules overcome the drawbacks of traditional soil planters.

Hydroculture Indoor PlanterHydroculture Indoor Planter

Soil Indoor PlanterSoil Indoor Planter