Esra Hanging Plant Pot - Mystic Grey

Size Guide
SIZE: External Diameter x Height
11.5cm opening
14.5cm opening
Size Check: 11.5cm opening for plants

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Esra Hanging Plant Pot - Mystic Grey

A versatile range of planters, bowls and vases. There is a place for Esra in every home. The Mystic Grey option has a subtle, matt grey colour-washed effect over a brown base, giving it a lovely warm tone.

Please note: The ropes are positioned in an offset manner that allows for a wider unobstructed display area and a slight forward tilt of the planter. Re-tie the hanging rope as required to suit your display.

Material: Ceramic.

Usage: Indoor use only. No drainage hole. These plant pots are not guaranteed 100% watertight: use a waterproof liner to protect against moisture damage.

Features: Handmade - every one is unique. Slight imperfections and variations may occur in colour, shape and size. Three-point cord rope for hanging. Approximate weights 1/1.5kg respectively.