Mini Orb Kevan Plant Pot - Metallic Copper

Size Guide
SIZE: External Diameter x Height
15cm opening
20.5cm opening
27.5cm opening
32cm opening
Size Check: 15cm opening for plants

Mini Orb Kevan Plant Pot - Metallic Copper

The Rough Collection is the rebellious little brother of the Ridged Collection. The round shapes in both collections give away their family ties, but each collection has a distinctly different allure. Where the Ridged Collection exudes classical beauty, the Rough Collection emanates a contrasting modern beauty. With its ‘less is more’ mentality, the Rough Collection focuses more on the tough character of the pot than on refinement in the details.

Material: Ficonstone, a combination of fibreglass, cement, sand and finely ground stone.

Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Not guaranteed 100% watertight: liner recommended for indoor use. Drainage holes should be drilled for outdoor use.

Features: Ficonstone has a natural, rough, heavy feeling; durable; low maintenance.