Ficus triangularis Sweetheart - Triangle Fig

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SIZE: Pot Diameter x Total Height
Size Tip: Fits in a pot with a 18cm+ opening

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Plant Care: Houseplant Focus Nutrition

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Also known as the Sweetheart Tree, these beautiful plants have deep green, glossy leaves with a cool, unique triangular shape. The Triangle Fig is resilient, easy to care for and helps clean the air of pollutants. Overall, a thoroughly recommended, trendy houseplant.

Ficus triangularis Sweetheart - Triangle Fig Care & Info Guide

Horty Hints

Sat there soaking up the sun! This Ficus needs lots of bright light to produce its romantic, love heart leaves full of colourful variegation.

Don’t say hello to the yellow! Yellowing leaves is a sign of improper watering. Allow soil to almost dry-out completely before watering, then saturate and allow to drain free.

Red spots on the undersides of leaves may occur and do not indicate the plant is unhealthy. These spots are anthocyanin pigmentation that help to protect the plant against sunlight. On young leaves it converts to chlorophyll and becomes green. The same pigment turns tree foliage red in autumn.

Please note: images show how this plant may look at various stages of maturity. The size you choose may look different.