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Crassula is a genus of wonderfully varied succulents that make great houseplants. The most common is the standard Crassula ovata, commonly known as the Jade Plant, Money Plant or Crassula argenta. However, there are other intriguing ovata varieties all of which are fashionable, funky and fun to own:

  • Crassula ovata Gollum has fascinating tubular leaves that are tipped red.
  • Crassula ovata Horntree with long tubular foliage that look like hunting horns.
  • Crassula ovata Sunset is similar to the standard ovata but with warm sunset hues on the leaf edges.
  • Crassula ovata Undulata has wavy leaves with red margins.

They are relatively easy to care for. They do need bright light to stay a vibrant green, but are not particularly thirsty plants as they store water in their leaves, making them ideal for those of us who occasionally forget to hydrate our foliage friends.