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There are several varieties of Asparagus Fern that can be grown as a house plant. Asparagus Ferns have an attractive, delicate and light foliage and although they are known as ferns, they are in fact part of the Lily family. The name Asparagus Fern comes from the fact that new growth looks a little like tiny asparagus spears.

Asparagus Ferns are generally fast growing and very easy to look after, making them an ideal choice for beginners and those looking for instant impact. They look wonderful grown in pots on a table or in hanging baskets. A collection of various ferns together can create a simple yet eye-catching display. Alternatively, adding an Asparagus Fern to a group of other green foliage plants can add a touch of softness, with the gentle fronds providing a wonderful foil to more clearly cut, defined leaf shapes.

Although easy to care for, a little additional TLC makes for the added bonus of small white flowers and berries, however, these are usually insignificant and hidden amongst the leaves. It is the gorgeous fronds, tendrils, needles and fern-like foliage that make these plants so popular.