Capi Tutch Rib Egg Planter - Light Grey

Size Guide
SIZE: External Diameter x Height
30cm opening
Size Check: 30cm opening for plants

Capi Tutch Rib Egg Planter - Light Grey

You don’t get any closer to nature than this. The Capi Tutch Collection is inspired by shapes and textures from nature, which means that the plants become one with these planters. Instantly recognisable by its orange interior insulation layer, the Capi Tutch planters are extremely strong and tough, yet incredibly lightweight.

Material: Synthetic.

Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Drainage holes should be drilled for outdoor use. Keep the planter off the ground during frost.

Features: Strong and super lightweight; UV resistant; frost-resistant (ensure the drainage hole remains free so water can escape); integral insulation layer; recyclable; virtually break-proof.