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Wicked Style:
Our 3 Spookiest Styles This Halloween.

It’s spooky season and you know what that means? Spooktacular looks to BOOst your freaky foliage collection. From pumpkins to cauldrons, the weird to the wonderful, it’s time to crack out the cobwebs, turn up that spooky dial to 13 and prepare to enter at your own risk...


Frankenstein's Monstera

Coming over the hill and straight into your living room, it’s our very own Horty horror, ‘Frankenstein’s’ Monstera. Ghoulishly green foliage reaching out as though to grab you when you’re not looking, the Monstera is the absolute standout of our spooky season spectacular.

Pair with the Dani set for all those glorious green vibes, reminiscent of one of the most iconic horror characters ever created.

Monstera Deliciosa with Dani Metal Pot Set of 3


Frightening Fishbone

With its trailing tendrils and bone-like appearance, it’s easy to see why the Fishbone Cactus has made it into our top three for everyone’s favourite night of fright. Got that extra space on your windowsill that is crying out for a bit of creep? The Fishbone Cactus will love the bright, filtered light and will embrace the opportunity to trail stealthily down the wall as it grows best as a hanging plant.

Pair the funky Fishbone Cactus with the gorgeous glow of the Charlotte plant pot, our very own resident pumpkin for that extra touch of spookilicious perfection.

Fishbone Cactus with Charlotte Orange Plant Pot


Wicked White Rabbit's Feet

‘Fire burn and cauldron bubble’...with the spookiest vibes you could summon this Halloween. With its furry feet creeping out from underneath feathered green foliage, the White Rabbit’s Fern is every spooky lover’s dream. One of the more funkier fern varieties, the White Rabbit’s Foot Fern is perfect for adding even more spookiness to your kitchen or bathroom as it will love the raised humidity levels.

Pair with our Hammered Bowl ‘cauldron’ to create your very own wickedly wonderful brew this spooky season...

Humata Tyermannii White Rabbit's Foot with Hammered Bowl Black