Spooky Symbolism

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Spooky Symbolism

We all know houseplants are wonderous, magical things with the power to improve any space they reside in, but did you know that some people believe that certain plants hold the secrets to true love, prosperity and health? There may be more to these luscious leaves than meets the human eye.

Perhaps these plants even contain paranormal properties... Would you dare to experiment with the supernatural for the chance to reap great rewards? Here’s our list of the spookiest symbolic plants you’ll find this side of Area 51, read on if you dare...

Aloe Vera Lucky Houseplants


Sometimes we, or the people we care about, could do with a little bit of luck on our side. Whether setting out on a brand new venture, going through a big life change or just wishing someone the best on their birthday, a little help goes a long way.

These plants are said to bestow favourable odds upon their owners...

Pachira aquatica Money Tree Houseplant Pachira aquatica

The money tree. Good luck and fortune go hand-in-hand.

Humata tyermanii White Rabbit's Foot Houseplant Humata tyermanii

Also known as the White Rabbit’s Foot. Rabbits were originally associated with luck by the Celts in 600 B.C because they believed their underground burrows allowed them to communicate with the underworld...

Aloe Vera Houseplant in Plant PotAloe vera

A bearer of positivity and good vibes, having Vera around is sure to boost your luck.


Houseplants for healing. These plants are believed to carry supernatural powers of restoration to improve the health of those nearby...

Sansevieria Health Houseplants
Sansevieria Golden Flame Houseplant with Dian Plant Pot Sansevieria

Known to clean the air around it, the Snake Plant is here to protect you from harmful toxins and bad vibes.

Dracaena Lemon Lime Houseplant with Koen Plant Pot Dracaena fragrans Lemon Lime

Have a dragon tree protect you while you’re on the mend, because who doesn’t want a dragon on their side?

Peace Lily Houseplant with Monza Plant PotPeace Lilies

To heal, we all need some peace and quiet. Look no further.

Spider Plant Prosperity Houseplants


Untold riches and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. It sounds too good to be true... but what if it isn’t?

Crassula Ovata Houseplant with Manon Plant Pot Crassula ovata

This Jade plant’s coin-shaped leaves will attract good fortune like a collection of gloriously green magnets.

Spider Plant Chlorophytum Ocean with Nola Plant Pot Spider Plants

Another air-purifier, the spider plant clears the space around you to make more room for prosperous growth.

Golden Pothos Houseplant with Bolino Plant PotEpipremnum aureum

The Pothos represents perseverance, giving you all the determination you need to smash your goals and reap the rewards.


One of the most desirable and unpredictable forces on the planet. What if something had the power to influence love itself? Some believe these plants hold that power...

Ceropegia Woodii Love Houseplants
Ceropegia Woodii Houseplant with Hanging Plant Pot String of Hearts

Nature’s very own love hearts.

Aglaonema Stripes Houseplant with Coral Refined Plant Pot Chinese Evergreens

Thought to be the key to everlasting love, the Chinese Evergreen brings a sense of stability amidst the chaos of love.

Philodendron Scandens Brasil Hanging HouseplantPhilodendron scandens Brasil

Also known as the sweetheart plant, how could anyone resist?

Now that you know the secret powers of these phenomenal plants, which will you dare to harness?